Welcome to New England Physics

This website is dedicated to assist physicists in accomplishing their research goals by providing sources to help them find source material such as the published results of scientific experiments, to provide a forum in which they can bounce ideas off of other physicists and provide a place where they can ask other physicists where they can find results of calculations that they don't know but others might. In general we seek to help professional physicists accomplish their work. We also help physics students and amatuer physicists and layman.

In addition to the sections listed to the left this website is further broken down into the following sections

The History of Physics

Take a walk through the history of physics and the people who led the way to where we now stand in the field.

The Laws of Physics

Invesitage the laws of physics as they are currently understood. We provide here one way to list the laws of physcs and a commetary on each one.

The Theories of Physics

This section contains a list of the physical theories which are built up surroudning the laws of physics. 

Famous Physicists

This section contains biographies of the most well-known men and women in physics throughout history.

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